What does it mean to be ‘The Vegan Society’ certified?

Labels are important in 2021 – especially when it comes to being cruelty free and vegan. At NutreeLife, it’s very important for us to be certified by The Vegan Society because without this, we couldn’t guarantee that our clients recipes and products would be created in a dairy-free, vegan environment.

But what exactly does it mean to be ‘The Vegan Society’ certified as a manufacturer? Let’s go through a short history of the trademark and how this has affected brands over the years.

What is The Vegan Trademark?

Back in 1944, The Vegan Society coined the term ‘vegan’ – and since the early 1990s, the Vegan Trademark has been used. It provides brands with the opportunity to shout about their vegan credentials, making it easier for customers to buy better.

vegan society trademarkImage credit: The Vegan Society

The Vegan Society has dedicated teams who review and check products, as well as manufacturers. They have high vegan standards, so nothing slips through the net. They also review the trademark and its standards on a yearly basis to ensure that every product and manufacturer are still following the right protocols.

The Vegan Trademark isn’t just limited to food companies and manufacturers either, but also cosmetic and clothing manufacturers too. There are other certifications, such as Leaping Bunny, which can help consumers identify which products are cruelty free.

What does The Vegan Trademark look for?

The standards for The Vegan Trademark include:

  • Animals ingredients: when a product is manufactured or developed, it must not involve or have involved any animal products or derivatives
  • Animal testing: when a product is manufactured or developed, it must not involve or have involved testing on animals – whether conducted by your company or the companies you employ to carry out these tests
  • Genetically modified organisms (GMOs): if you are developing GMOs, no animal genes or animal derivatives must have been involved
  • Kitchen and hygiene standards: if you’re not a fully vegan brand, you must prepare dishes or products in a separate environment to non-vegan dishes. Cross contamination must be eliminated.


From a manufacturing standpoint, it means we can offer our clients the environment and support they need to produce their own Vegan Trademarked products. We can also help you gain certification from The Vegan Society, which you’ll need to do to provide your consumers with the correct information.

What are the benefits of The Vegan Trademark?

For us, it means we can offer you a safe and cruelty free, vegan environment to create and produce your protein products and snacks. For you, getting The Vegan Society certified holds a whole host of benefits:

  • Over a whopping 90% of vegans and vegetarians will look for this trademark on products
  • It’s also recognised globally, which is great if you’re looking to expand
  • You’re provided with all the regulations you need to follow
  • Even if you’re not a fully vegan brand, the trademark is for products, not companies – this allows you to expand your range!
  • You’ll have access to The Vegan Society’s network of amazing companies, as well as being able to access knowledge and expertise.


Partnering with a manufacturer who is already certified by The Vegan Society will make your process of becoming certified that much easier – and don’t forget, we’re always on hand at NutreeLife to help with your application. Contact us today for more information.

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