Plant-Based Protein Product Development Services

Getting your product to market effectively and efficiently is vital.

But when all you have is a concept, taking the next steps to bring it to fruition might seem overwhelming.

Nutreelife provides a complete turnkey solution for your vision, taking you from seed to shelves.

Your customers might be powered by plants, but we’re powered by a fantastic team – hardworking, focused, and passionate about the products they’re producing.

At Nutreelife, we offer a full product solution, keeping design, packaging, production, and logistics all in-house.

Get your product to market effectively and efficiently with our full range of services

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Our protein development process

person sprinkling ingredients into bowl

What does our process look like?

Whether you’re an established brand or just starting out, it’s always good to know exactly what our process looks like at NutreeLife.

We keep it as streamlined as possible to ensure your product is created to your deadlines – and there are no complicated bits.

Stage 1: You make an enquiry with us via our website or call. We’re always excited to speak to new people, so don’t be shy.

Stage 2: One of our extremely helpful team members will find out all your product requirements (as well as your hopes and dreams). They’ll also make sure to ask you the questions you might not have thought about.

Stage 3: We’ll then move onto development, once we’ve got all your ideas down, and this is where we test out recipes and flavours, so we can bring your vision to life – or as we like to say, from seed to shelves.

Stage 4: Now we’ve got the final product down, it’s time to move onto packaging – you’ll want something eye-catching to stand out from the crowd.

Stage 5: Things are getting exciting now. Your vision is now in the production stage and we’re almost at the finish line…

Stage 6: And we’re ready to dispatch! We’re just as excited as you are.

ingredient being poured into mixer
ingredients being processed in machine

Our services

Our in-house development team, including nutritionist and confectionery chef, takes you from start to finish, tailoring bespoke, innovative products to your customers’ needs. Whatever the concept, we’ll work closely with you to develop your own, exclusive recipe – one that looks, tastes, and smells like plant-based success.

Packaging Creation

No plant-based protein is complete without  eye-catching packaging. Your customers want all the information they can get – but it needs to be delivered in an accessible and striking way. We provide your designer with cutter guides, product specification, as well as the alignment of the packaging, providing you with a professionally packaged product, ready for market.


We’ve been manufacturing plant-based protein products for a long, long time – and with this experience, we’ve learnt a lot of lessons along the way. We’ve also earned our stripes too – in the form of BRC accreditations. We’re AA grade, which is the highest you can be.

Distribution & Logistics

Now your product is ready to go to market, you need to ensure it gets there safely and efficiently. We have a wealth of experience and connections within the food distribution industry, so your brand can reach the right audiences, on the right platforms. Although we request that all customers collect and manage their own logistics, we’re more than happy to provide our expertise to ensure your product safely arrives where it needs to.

A batch of HFSS compliant, chocolate protein bars running along a factory belt.

Get your product to market effectively and efficiently with our full range of services

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