NutreeLife is now a certified kosher and non-GMO-approved manufacturer

With the growing demand for healthy, sustainable snacking options, NutreeLife has earned two new certifications that further enhance our reputation as one of the UK’s leading plant-based protein snack contract manufacturers. 

We’re proud to announce that we are now certified kosher and non-GMO-approved manufacturers.  

These are significant achievements that demonstrate our commitment to developing the highest quality protein snacks for our clients and their customers. Here, we’ll explore the meaning and significance of these certifications.

What does kosher mean?

“Kosher” refers to a set of dietary laws and regulations within Jewish tradition that dictate what foods are acceptable and how they must be prepared and consumed. The term “kosher” is derived from the Hebrew word “kashrut,” which means “fit” or “proper.”

Kosher certification

For those unfamiliar with kosher certification, it’s a process that ensures that all the ingredients, processing methods, and facilities used in the manufacturing of food products align with Jewish dietary laws. 

NutreeLife’s newfound status as a kosher-approved protein manufacturer involved a rigorous inspection and review of all the elements involved in our contract manufacturing processes, from the raw ingredients to our production facility and packaging materials.

Kosher-certified snacks are appealing to a broad range of consumers, and it’s not just people of Jewish faith who seek them out. This certification represents a level of cleanliness, quality and safety that appeals to anyone who truly cares about what they eat. 

Therefore, NutreeLife’s elevation to a kosher-approved manufacturer will undoubtedly attract even more of the health-conscious, eco-conscious, and ethical consumers that many plant-based protein snack brands seek to reach.

What does non-GMO mean?

“Non-GMO” stands for “non-genetically modified organism.” This term is used to describe foods and products that have not been genetically modified through genetic engineering techniques. Genetic modification involves altering an organism’s DNA in a way that doesn’t occur naturally through traditional breeding methods.

Non-GMO certification

NutreeLife’s non-GMO certification is another significant achievement that gives our contract manufacturing services a competitive edge in the multi-billion pound plant-based snack market. 

Non-GMO certification indicates that our plant-based protein bars and snacks are made with ingredients that don’t contain genetically modified organisms and that the process does not use genetic engineering techniques. 

Non-GMO certification also confirms that our products are authentic, organic and produced with the environment’s interests and human health in mind.

Consumers are placing a premium on sustainably sourced and ethical food products, making non-GMO products an increasingly popular option as a result. With this certification, NutreeLife can help your business to cater to this growing segment of the market and position your products as desirable alternatives.

The benefits of working with a kosher-approved and non-GMO-approved manufacturer

NutreeLife’s pursuit of non-GMO and kosher certifications reflects our commitment to providing high-quality, transparent and ethically sourced products. Let’s delve into the reasons behind these certifications and their significance for our contract manufacturing clients.

  1. Market access and acceptance

Contract manufacturing clients can benefit from these certifications with products that are more readily accepted in the market. Non-GMO and kosher certifications contribute to broader market access and consumer acceptance.

  1. Enhanced reputation and trust

Non-GMO and kosher certifications demonstrate our commitment to quality and adherence to ethical and dietary standards. You can leverage these certifications to enhance the reputation and trustworthiness of your brand.

  1. Meeting diverse consumer preferences

By partnering with NutreeLife, your business can offer products that appeal to consumers with specific dietary preferences and requirements. This flexibility can be a valuable asset in meeting diverse market demands.

  1. Streamlined production and compliance

Our expertise in obtaining and maintaining certifications streamlines the production process for our clients. You too can benefit from our knowledge and experience in navigating the certification landscape.

Choose NutreeLife as your kosher-approved and non-GMO-approved manufacturer

NutreeLife’s dual certifications are a testimony to our unfailing commitment to quality, transparency and sustainability in plant-based protein production. They also provide an opportunity for conscientious snack brands to stand out in a crowded market by catering to consumers’ preferences for kosher and non-GMO products. 

Plus, these certifications highlight our commitment to catering to the diverse needs of modern consumers. 

Therefore, if you’re a protein bar or snack brand interested in diversifying your product line and attracting a broader range of consumers, make NutreeLife your preferred kosher-approved and non-GMO-approved manufacturer. 

By investing in quality and ethical production practices, you too can earn the trust and loyalty of today’s savvy and discerning consumers.

Contact us on 01772 651696 to discuss your contract manufacturing needs with the NutreeLife team.

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