About Us

We’re family-run, which means the passion for our products and services runs more than just skin-deep. We’ve built our company on our own, personal values, which are not only reflected in the products we create, but also in the way we treat our team members.

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Our story

We’re a family run, UK company based in in Burscough, West Lancashire. We pride ourselves on being an innovative vegan health nutrition brand, created through years of experience, passion, and dedication in the food, nutrition & beverage industry.

NutreeLife was founded by Patrick and Adam, a father and son-in-law duo, with many years of experience, passion, and dedication within the food and nutrition industry.

They believe that plant-based protein is best and that natural ingredients shouldn’t be compromised. The team is always looking for new and innovative ways to create delicious plant-based protein products for their clients.

“Not only doing the job I love, but with the people I love.”
Patrick – Co-founder

Our values

Although innovation is our middle name, that’s not our only focus at NutreeLife. 

The quality of our products can only be achieved by the quality of our staff – and we believe in nurturing individuals, rather than having a high turnover of staff, which the manufacturing industry is notorious for.

We pride ourselves in delivering a range rich in nutrients, as well as being vegan and vegetarian friendly. Our plant-based protein is of the highest quality and the highest protein content, which are sustainably sourced.

We ensure these ingredients are carefully handled to retain all their goodness throughout the process from creating to delivering. A lot of time, dedication and passion goes into what we do and everything from our purpose-built factory to the recipe development, design and production of our range is our vision.

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