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With the government’s HFSS restrictions now in force and more on the way, it has never been more important to develop HFSS compliant products. NutreeLife is an experienced and proven HFSS compliant manufacturer.

Our contract manufacturing team will work with you to develop bespoke HFSS compliant vegan protein bars at your request. You can be assured of nutritious and delicious HFSS products that retail partners can freely promote.

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What is HFSS compliance, and why is it important for retailers?

HFSS stands for foods and drinks that are ‘high in fat, salt or sugar’. In other words, ‘less healthy’ options (as classified by the Department of Health’s Nutrient Profiling Model) that are the biggest contributors to rising obesity levels in children and adults.

The government began consulting on the restriction of HFSS food and drinks in 2019 and subsequently introduced legislation in England to restrict the promotion of specific types of goods.

The HFSS restrictions apply to the following areas:


  • Volume price promotions, such as ‘buy one, get one free’ or ‘50% extra free’.


  • Key locations in stores (such as end of aisle displays) larger than 2,000 square feet and online equivalents.


To become HFSS compliant, food and snack brands now need to be increasingly more careful about the ingredients they use in order to develop HFSS compliant products.

Manufacturing HFSS compliant food and snacks that are lower in fat, salt or sugar should be the ultimate goal for both new and established brands that want to promote their products in prime retail locations, both physical and online, and as part of volume price promotions.

NutreeLife can manufacture HFSS compliant products for you. Contact us today to discuss your options.

A batch of HFSS compliant, chocolate protein bars running along a factory belt.

When are HFSS regulations coming into force?

The HFSS regulations are being phased in gradually. The HFSS restrictions by location came into force in October 2022. However, the HFSS restrictions on volume price promotions, which were originally earmarked for October 2023, have been delayed until October 2025.

The government cited the ongoing cost of living crisis, and the potential knock-on effect of removing multibuy promotions in the current climate, for this HFSS delay.

How can NutreeLife’s manufacturing service help you ensure HFSS compliance for your products?

With the volume price promotions element of HFSS delayed, you might be thinking that there is less impetus to develop HFSS compliant products in the short term. However, with some supermarkets backing the idea of mandatory targets for sales of healthier products, the demand for HFSS compliant products is only going to increase.

So why not get ahead of the curve, and work with NutreeLife to develop your healthier products? As part of our contract manufacturing services, we can provide HFSS compliant and fully bespoke recipe creation services on request and to your specifications.

Our new product development (NPD) team has extensive experience of conceptualising and manufacturing HFSS compliant products. We can provide all the advice and guidance you need to bring your ideas to life and ensure your products don’t fall foul of HFSS restrictions.

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