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We are a family run, British company based in Preston, Lancashire and pride ourselves in being an innovative vegan health nutrition brand created through years of experience, passion and dedication in the Food, Nutrition & Beverage industry.

Our mission here at NutreeLife is to make good nutrition accessible for all. We want to challenge this perception that protein is just for body-building, but more for the everyday; those who want to be healthy, those who lead an active lifestyle, or those who just simply want to up their protein intake. Our mission is quality, and that is the foundation to everything we do. We only use the finest natural plant-based ingredients to create a range both highly nutritious and beneficial for you.
"Not only doing the job I love, but with the people I love."
Patrick - Co-founder
Co-founders, Patrick and Adam are a Father and Son-in-law team with years of experience, passion and dedication in the Food, Nutrition & Beverage industry. They came together not only because they were family, but because they shared the same vision; To create high quality healthy products made with only raw, natural ingredients – no compromises. Together, they developed highly nutritious recipes that is as tasty as it is beneficial – a product that can be enjoyed by all regardless of their health and fitness goals.

We pride ourselves in delivering a range rich in nutrients and by only using natural ingredients across all our range, our products are all gluten, lactose and soya free, as well as vegan and vegetarian friendly. Unlike others out there on the market, our plant-based protein is of the highest quality and the highest protein content, which is sustainably sourced from Europe. We ensure these ingredients are carefully handled to retain all their goodness throughout the process from creating to delivering. A lot of time, dedication and passion goes into what we do and everything from our purpose-built factory to the recipe development, design and production of our range is our vision.
  • Hungry, pushed for time? Don’t reach for unhealthy snacks. Our Snack Bites will curb your cravings the healthy way.
  • Hitting the gym? Pack a NutreeLife Protein bar in your bag for a great post-workout snack! High in Protein, it is perfect to rebuild and repair muscle.
  • Out on your bike or going for a run? Grab a few cubes for on the go activity! The benefits of our high protein bars but in bite-sized chunks means it will keep you going on your journey.
  • Our snacks provide you with a good daily dose of fibre; great for a healthy digestion and weight management.
  • Our products will fill you up with raw ingredients that will power you through your day, without using artificial thickeners or added sugars.
  • Nutree Life has been specially formulated in-house, so we’re completely in control of what goes into your products.
  • With high protein in each serving, Nutree Life keeps you fuller for longer, making it less likely to need to snack or have an afternoon energy crash.
  • Our complete range is suitable for everyone; those with gluten, dairy and soya intolerances, vegetarians, vegans, and those concerned about their impact on the environment.

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