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Vegan Protein Snacks

Our tasty range of plant-based protein snacks are ideal to keep you fueled throughout the day.

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What are protein snacks?

Just like an ordinary snack that you are accustomed to eating, such as a chocolate biscuit or a packet of crisps, a protein snack is a small item of food that you may eat between meals. However, the benefits of a protein filled snack are so much better than a biscuit or cake. Protein helps you to feel fuller for much longer than a carb-based snack alone. Plus our vegan snack bites, cubes and flapjacks contain fibre so you won't feel hunger until your next meal. Not only that they contain all-natural ingredients, and natural sugars from fruit to provide all the energy you'll need to get you through the day.

When should I eat a protein snack?

You can eat them whenever you like! If you don't have time to eat, you can throw a couple of them in your bag or pocket to get a protein and energy boost at whatever time you need. 

For those that find protein bars too filling, our snacks are the perfect alternative. You could take some to the gym and consume after your workout. Our cubes are ideal for this as they contain a higher amount of protein.

Our snack bites and flapjacks are ideal during the day. Keep a bag on your desk and when you start to feel hungry or if you're craving something sweet, instead of reaching for a chocolate bar that provides you with no health benefits, reach for one of our delicious vegan protein snacks to keep you full.

Protein snacks for kids

Does your child's typical pack lunch look like the following: sandwich, crisps, yoghurt, fruit and a sneaky chocolate bar? Does your child also come home and raid the cupboards for more crisps? If you said yes to that then they probably need more protein and fibre in their diet. 

Public Health England is campaigning to encourage parents to look for healthier snacks of no more than 100 calories and to limit them to only two per day.

Instead of running around the supermarket, checking the back of every 'snack' on the shelf, try any of our protein filled cubes, snack bites or flapjacks because they are all below 100 calories per serving. And the best part is that they taste amazing, so your child will be happy and so will you, knowing they're eating something healthy during the day.

Are your vegan protein snacks suitable for vegetarians too?

That's a resounding yes! Whether you're a vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or any other '-arian', our snacks are suitable for all. We only use all-natural, raw ingredients to create a high-quality product. This means our protein snacks are always free from gluten, dairy and soya. We're fully vegan approved by the Vegetarian Society, and our facility has received a 5-star food hygiene rating. Our products might not be the cheapest on the market to buy but our quality is unrivalled.