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Vegan Protein Bars

These plant-based protein bars are a handy way to take in extra protein throughout the day, whether as a healthy snack or post-workout recovery. Free delivery on all UK orders of £30 and above.

What are vegan protein bars and are they healthy?

In simple terms, a vegan protein bar contains zero animals based ingredients. Unlike a typical bar that uses whey protein (from cows milk), ours are made from plants. So, whether you're a vegan, vegetarian or a meat eater, our bars are suitable for you. You'll also find that vegan / plant-based products are typically healthier for you. Why? This is because animal products require more additives to keep them stable and to give them a much longer shelf life. Our aim is to create "clean" products that are free from artificial ingredients.

We only use raw, 100% all-natural, cruelty-free and sustainably sourced ingredients to create a vegan protein bar with the highest amount of protein available. Our entire range of products has been vegan approved by the Vegetarian Society.

All of our bars are high in protein, starting from 12g in our Live Well snack bars and over 21g in our original bar.

When can I use a protein bar?

Typically when you wanted to supplement your diet with some extra protein you would drink down a sugary protein shake. But not everyone wants to carry a protein shake around with them. On the other hand, our nutrition bars can be kept in your bag or pocket to be consumed whenever you like. Due to the higher protein content of a bar (at 21g per bar ours have some of the highest amounts available) it makes them ideal for your pre or post-workout supplementation. Not only that, you can consume them during the day instead of that unhealthy chocolate cookie. They also make an ideal breakfast replacement.

Buy vegan protein bars from a brand you can trust

Unlike a lot of other protein bars that you can buy, we actually produce our own from our purpose-built factory. You might think why does that matter? For starters, we can 100% confidently say to you exactly what ingredients go into each of our products, and we can also tell you exactly where all of the raw materials we use are sourced from. For example, the high-quality pea protein that we use is sustainably sourced from Europe. We could purchase this raw material from other parts of the world, at a much lower cost, but we believe that quality should always come before profit

Are your protein bars gluten free?

In one word. Yes! Our vegan protein bars are not only gluten free, but they are also free from dairy and wheat. As we mentioned above, our products are always high-quality so this means that we never add any nasties into them to improve the texture or taste. We don't cut corners when it comes to providing a product that people eat. 

I'm not a vegan or vegetarian

This isn't a problem! In fact, if you're looking for a much healthier protein bar then we suggest you look for vegan approved products instead. You'll typically find that vegan protein bars are much healthier than animal-based, whey alternatives, due to the ingredients used in them.