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Protein Cookies

Our cookie monsters are currently working away to bring you the finest, healthiest and tastiest protein cookies available. Coming soon.

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When can I use a protein cookie?

You know those moments when you're craving that unhealthy treat and you just want to scoff down a chocolate bar or biscuit? Those are the perfect moments to eat a protein cookie! Not only will it destroy those cravings, but the additional high protein and fibre will curb your hunger for much longer and you no longer have to fall off the fitness wagon. The days of sacrificing your diet are over! 

Our delicious soft-baked treats are also perfect for after the gym. Finish that workout with a chocolate chip cookie and you'll be fuelling your muscles with those much needed amino acids. 


The benefits

You'll find that many protein cookies on the market are actually not that great for you. Here are the benefits that you'll get within our range:

  • Plant-based: Meeting your nutritional requirements with a plant-based protein is so much healthier than whey! Why? Well, you'll find that plant protein doesn't cause inflammation and bloating within the body. 
  • Gluten Free: Great if you're celiac, or gluten intolerant. Gluten can harm the walls of your intestines so why bother eating typical gluten loaded snacks when you can eat our cookies instead?
  • Dairy Free: You'll find no animal based ingredients in our products, so if you're vegan or vegetarian, our products are suitable.